MARCH, 2019

At this year’s Warsaw Bus Expo 2019 in Nadarzyn, the premiere of the handover of the first Neoplan Skyliner buses in Poland took place. Thus, we joined the group of Flixbus networks. Capturing this important moment, the CEO of MAN Truck & Bus Polska, Marc Martinez handed a symbolic key as a sign of our cooperation.

Movie from the event


MARCH, 2019

We have signed a contract with Flixbus. Thanks to our cooperation, we have increased our capacity to transport people – the offer has been enriched with two-storey Neoplans.

Our green Neoplans are almost 14 m long, 2.55 m wide and 4 m high. They have a set of all systems supporting the driver’s work and guaranteeing the highest safety for passengers. For this we have a place for disabled people with a wide, central entrance, Wi-Fi, chargers and comfortable spacing between the seats. In total, the Neoplana floor takes up to 77 passengers + 1 + 1 on its two decks.



APRIL, 2019

Flixbus is currently the largest bus connection platform in Europe, with over 350,000 connections a day to 2,000 destinations in 29 countries.

All buses will run on the Warsaw – Krakow – Budapest route. From here on the new bus there was a white and red veneer with the monuments of the capital of Lesser Poland. This is to emphasize the relationship between Poland, “Flix” and its new partners.